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Week 5 | Artifacts

Kevin, Tasha, Erin, Stephan, Nicole, Matt, Taryn - Elizabeth Rhodes Case Study artifact.

Artifact Greg, Becky, Gina, Heather, Chrissy, Jen, Maryann

Week 4 | Artifacts

Interrogating Theories

Carol Gilligan's Theory of Moral Development [Stephen, Chrissy, Gina, and Greg]
Explanation 1 : This link gives a longer history, including Piaget and L. Kohlberg (of whom Gilligan was a student).
Explanation 2 : This link is all Gilligan.
Gilligan vid : Gilligan in her own words.

Helm's Racial Identity Model [Nicole, Erin and Heather]
Explanation document which gives an explanation of each stage o
Stage Examples examples of individuals in each stage

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development [Matt, Becky, and Taryn]
Here is a document with 3 links to further your learning about

Phinney's Theory of Ethnic Identity Development [Kevin, Maryann, Tasha, and Jen]

Week 2 | Artifacts

INTEL Lesson Planning
Kevin, Maryann, Tasha, Jen

INTEL Lesson Planning
Chrissy, Stephan, Gina, Greg

INTEL lesson planning
Nicole, Heather, Erin

INTEL lesson planning - Hoover Dam
Taryn, Becky, Matt

Week 1 | Artifacts

Learning Preference Hypothesis

Learning Concept Maps