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Week 5 | Artifacts

Elizabeth Rhodes case study http://docs.google.com/View?id=dcwck4h5_12dc65fmk4

Week 4 | Artifacts

Interrogating Theories

B. F. Skinner's Behaviorism [Eric, Maureen M, and Beth]

Phinney's Theory of Ethnic Identity Development [Matt, Allison & Laura]

Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development [Melanie, Maureen, Katie]

Gilligan's Theory of Moral Development [Lindsay, Marquis, Megan]

Helm's Theory of White Identity Development [Jeff, Steph, and Amanda]

Week 3 | Artifacts

INTEL Teams podcasts and supplemental resources on motivating students who possess a variety of learner differences.

#1 Bilingual student studying abroad and learning a third language. [Jeff, Amanda, and Steph]

Bilingual Learner Difference

#2 Partial Hearing Loss [Marquis, Lindsay, and Meg]

Motivating Students with Partial Hearing Loss

#3 Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder [Matt, Laura, and Allison]

Resources for ADHD

#4 Generation Net [Maureen M., Eric, and Beth]

Maureen M., Eric, Beth Key Points

#5 Talented and Gifted [Maureen C., Katie, and Melanie]

Talented and Gifted Key Points

Week 2 | Artifacts

Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans

Steph, Amanda, Jeff Lesson Plan
Eric, Beth, and Maureen

Marquis Johnson, Lindsay Larsen, and Megan Hurley

Matt, Laura, Allison

Week 1 | Artifacts

INTEL Teams creating concept maps of LEARNING


Data Analysis & Hypothesis Generation

Melanie, Maureen, Katie